Sunday, August 28, 2011

song for derya

what a fairy tale summer!  fun gigs with the band, movies in bryant park, pool parties, a trip to the edinburgh fringe festival, a wedding, and a hurricane make this the #bestsummerever.  of course it has finally caught up to me and slapped me in the face with a cold but it's not unexpected and its timing is perfect.  since the mta is kaput and i'm stranded in astoria it has been the perfect time for me to a) rest off the sickies and b) make use of my overflowing creative well to write a bunch of songs!  as part of the fundraising campaign for my debut ep, i "sold" personalized songs - 26 to be exact.  yeah.  at the time of this posting i am exactly halfway through, having written 5 in the last day.  i'm hoping to ride this creative surge and churn the rest out before n/q hits astoria blvd, but we'll see who wins, me or my sinuses. 

song for derya

heard a heavy heart knocking on my door
beautiful and dark it had washed up on the shore
marooned by fear, but strong enough to get to the pier
and find its way to my home

hand in hand we stood there dripping on the threshold
until he asked me to swallow him up and make him my own
and in one big gulp i made a sacrificial oath
to keep him for my own

all i want to be is in charge
and all i want to be proud of is my heavy heart

heard a little whisper coming from underneath the floor
telling me that i should get up and down and out some more
and with a little tug i plucked out some courage from under the rug
and walked out into the storm

and since the wind was chilly i wore him around my neck
and when the rain fell on my head he grew up to protect
my little worried ears and nervous tears
and he helped me to forget

all i want to be is in charge
and all i want to be proud of is my aching heart

heard a little birdie singing in my ear
telling me stories of a place far from here
but when i turned to look in his eyes
i saw right through his disguise
and found myself looking in a mirror

all i want to be is in charge
and all i want to be proud of is my pounding heart
all i want to be is at large
and all i want to be proud of are the moments when i start

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