Sunday, February 28, 2010

ask kat!

my friend and former boss, kat, asked me to write a theme song for her vlog.

kat helps administer the scholastic art & writing awards, a long running recognition program for young creative types.  she is the hub for a network of over 100 people across the country who are running the awards program on a regional level, and let me tell you that's a lot of people, and people have a lot of questions.  the vlog she's creating is a place where anyone in the network can stay up to date on the logistics of running the program, find out about important dates, get news, etc.  it'll give kat the opportunity to answer basic questions once instead of (literally) 100 times.

with this song, i wanted to capture the positivity, ease, charm, and buoyancy that make up dear dear kat.  i also went to the trouble of giving it some good production qualities with the help of my boyfriend sam who also plays guitar and bass for this track.

ask kat!

Friday, February 26, 2010


i've been working a lot lately on "commissioned" songs - music that others have requested from me to be used for a specific purpose.  it's been a fun challenge and one i'd like to extend to myself from myself.  to work on a new piece of music every week.  and post it here.  admittedly, most of this stuff will be pretty rough considering i'll be using the "voice memo" feature on my ipod or iphone.  but at least it's a record of a creative act, and that's satisfaction enough for me at this point.

so here's the first new song!

i wrote this song for a benefit my friend lindsay is hosting saturday, march 7th called "rock it out: a night to benefit new york's farm animal sanctuaries": for information and tickets click here.  lindsay asked those of us performing to write a song about an animal:

"it could be an animal from your own life (ie. a pet), or it could be a animal whose story moved you as a kid, or just about anything you can come up with - it just has to be about an animal."

i've been reading a lot about karma and past and future lives lately, and about how a human life is supposed to be a a really special and rare thing to attain.  in addition to other physical life forms, you can also apparently be reincarnated as a ghost or a god.  who knows.  but since this was rattling around in my head along with the "write a song" edict, the two ideas found each other and turned into this song.  enjoy!