Sunday, June 26, 2011

beer and longing in new england

yesterday was saturday and it was a beautiful day.  my roommate said it was going to rain but i didn't believe him and my belief made it not rain.  so we sat in the breakfast nook for a while and after lunch we went to astoria park.  i'm so excited for that pool to open next week!  we sat on the grass and looked at the river and at the beautiful people sunbathing and i played my ukulele and wrote songs.

here's one that i have been bouncing around for a few weeks - you can hear a bit of the park in the background of this one, so imagine you're sitting here and we're having a picnic while you listen :)

beer and longing in new england

we stayed up late, talking, your head on my knee
and honey you dried my tears with your poetry

i watched the grass grow, the lights go out, the sun rise on your smile
and we kept our hands and our mouths occupied with a bottle of wine

and i just want to wear you in my smile
and i just want you to be desperately inlove with me for a little while

i was a hunter, a hider, a glider into view
you were a hustler, a bustler, wanting me to be hunting you

i spread open my heart tapped out all the beats for you
i made it easy, too easy for you to sing my tune

and i just want to wash your clothes with  mine
and i just want you to wait for me on the other side of the turnstile

sometimes i want to punch you in the face, do you know what i mean?
and sometimes when i think i'll never think of you again you show up in my sexy dreams
but can you tell me, i can't get it straight in my head
did you come into my room and hold me on my tiny tiny bed
or did i dream that too?

i never had, told you, sold you out or made you see
i had to shake you, waste you, hate you for forsaking me

i can see you, read you, feel you with a single glance
and i know why you hung around me at the dance

and i just want to feel your hand in mine
and i just want you to completely lose yourself in me for a little while
and i just want to think of you sometimes
and i just want you to remember me fondly

Saturday, June 4, 2011

beautiful alisa

another song for one of the contributors to ep fundraiser campaign, and a dear friend. 

i was driving up to the adirondacks with my boyfriend and we were writing a song together  - he drove, i played ukulele.  it was fun, you should try it sometime.  then evening was coming on and the moon was a hairline fracture in the sky and the blue was so warm and the water was satin and the ukulele was velvet and all of a sudden i was writing a lullaby and all of a sudden it became clear it was for my friend alisa who i met as a freshman at nyu in new york and who now lives in la and who is far away and blonde now and whom i love very much.  i hope she likes her song.

beautiful alisa

lying on her tummy, crushed against the rug
sipping something yummy from her father's mug
night crawls in around her, soft and without sound
beautiful alisa, embracing the ground

munching on a cracker, fondling a grape
fill the room with laughter, till the shutters quake
we are everlasting, we are leaving soon
beautiful alisa, made up of the moon

row your boat across the styx
and see yourselves all intermixed

close those heavy eyelids, put away the wine
her heart is where love lives, and that love is mine
come and hear the end now, come around the bend
beautiful alisa, she is my friend