Wednesday, October 19, 2011

charlie and lisa

here's yet another song commission from my ep fundraising campaign!  this one is for lisa, a lovely woman i used to work with at the alliance for young artist's and writers, the non-profit organization behind the scholastic art & writing awards (a recognition program for high school age creatives).  lisa and her husband charlie are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, so this is a little love song i wrote for them.  oh, and they met in an elevator :)

charlie and lisa

little lisa was crawling up to the ninth floor
without even knowing what she was looking for
in the cables and metal and the closing doors

cheeky charlie was humming a toodleoo tune
reed thin in tweed and eyes like the moon
and he saw what he needed when she stepped in too

where are you going on your way up?
do you have plans for this evening to sup?
what are you doing for the year or more?
where you get off is the right floor

little lisa was carrying an oversized heart
and was glad to part with just a bit at the start
but now she i sharing the most beatingest part

cheeky charlie's head floated up into space
but his feet planted firmly in their jigsaw place
fitting perfectly into a much needed embrace

where are you going on your way up?
would you like to watch our children grow up?
can you replace my crackling heart
with a lovelier one that won't fall apart?

little lisa asked charlie "how did i get here?
after all of this time i've made a life with you dear
and all because we didn't take the stairs"

where are you going on your way up?
do you have plans for this evening to sup?
how would you like to build a family tree
and climb up the branches with me?

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