Monday, May 17, 2010

cabbie landlord

my landlord drives a cab.  he lives in my building and sometimes i see said cab parked in our driveway.  this is a snippet of a song about how whenever i'm out late in the city, it is my dream that i'll flag him down, it'll be his last drive of the night and we'll look knowingly at each other and say "let's go home."

cabbie landlord

it's been a long hard night of drinking in a dive bar way downtown
me and my friends were like "let's do some shots of crown"
we got a little crazy, and things are hazy
i think it's close to three in the morning
and the bar is closing down

out in the misty muggy bright night lights of a city in heat
we open our mouths to laugh and to check each other's wine stained teeth
i feel unstoppable yet heavy
advil is poppable and ready
and i have bagel bites at home for a treat

cabbie landlord, won't you take me home
i don't wanna roam these streets no more
and i'm too poor to pay for my subway fare
cabbie landlord, if i could pick you out of the crowd
i'd hail you down
you know where i live
won't you take me there?

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