Saturday, May 29, 2010

tuesday is a saturday

this is a snippet of a song i started writing on tuesday.  sometimes my lyrics are pretty literal.  but yes, it's about how i fee like i'm living in a perpetual saturday these days, meaning i don't have the same time table as most of the working world.  i'm just making things up as i go along, i schedule my own days with projects as they come to me the meaning the days of the week once had for me (when i did work a 9-5) are now totally lost.  and i think that's cool.  also, because i don't wear contacts, i wear sunglasses that go over my glasses.  they're huge and i look like an elderly floridian but i love them.  also they're tinted a little so when i wear them i feel like the world is one of my grandparents' old home movies - and i really wanted to work that into a song somewhere.

tuesday is a saturday

looking at the world through my sepia tinted
over my glasses sunglasses
makes everything look like a home movie from 1960
where everyone is happy
and wearing too much eye makeup and polyester suits
and i feel good

i take a walk and stop to pick up a nice ice cream come
with sprinkles
i give the dude my two bones
and then i'm on my way
i can't be late for my one appointment of the day
to meet you and go for a walk
through the park

tuesday is a saturday
yesterday was a saturday too
every day is a saturday
when i'm with you and we're making up the rules

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