Monday, April 26, 2010

ghost in my bedroom and our lives are narrow

two new half baked tunes here to make up for my utter lack of posting last week.  silly me.

"ghost in my bedroom" is literally about this ghost appeared in my room when i was about 6.  he showed himself again when i was a junior in college, but that's a different story.  the house we lived in, or at least my room, i'm pretty sure was haunted - it was the only bedroom in the house with a door to the outside, and i had a lot of dreams (and waking experiences) involving ghosts, and this one in particular.  i was also always rearranging my furniture in the room, nothing ever felt quite settled to me...anyway, this is the beginning of a song inspired by those memories.

"our lives are narrow" is very much a work in progress.  not sure if i'm going to stick with this melody line, bass line, or even lyrics.  but there's a definite sentiment i'm trying to express and this bit of a song is my first attempt at it.  it's very much a page from my journal and is maybe a little too earnest and literal for my own taste, but i wanted to include it here to remind myself to follow through with the idea that sparked this ditty.

ghost in my bedroom

our lives are narrow

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