Saturday, September 11, 2010

we are not allowed (full version)

my friend matt berger is a great songwriter, and he's particularly great at getting a room of people involved in a sing along song.  by getting us to sing a simple riff or clap our hands to a simple rhythm we are immediately engaged in and a part of the song.  and this changes the dynamic in the room - we sit up and start using more senses than just our ears and we laugh and we connect and it's a beautiful thing.  i admire him for this, and am trying to infuse this big of magic in the song i post here.

"we are not allowed" is a newer tune, and one i'm still not sure is totally finished, but i think this version is a step in the right direction.  of course i'll have to try it out on a room of people to see if it really works, but i think the "lah lah lah" section could be good old fashioned sing along fun :)

we are not allowed

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