Wednesday, August 25, 2010

alan rickman

this summer i spent a lot of time playing, learning, bitching, friending, freaking out, laughing, being uplifted, loving, eating, and drinking - not a lot of time writing songs.  but i have the feeling that now, with my creative well brimming with experience, i'll be able to churn out a few nuggets of inspired ditties.  it's a good time for a harvest.

there was one song that floated around my head this summer and i give it to you here.  i can only take partial credit for this one, as two gentlemen i was working with at the time (nick blaemire and damon daunno) were real collaborators on this little gem.

the recording captures the moment this tune was born.  it was at the bar, as many surprise conceptions begin i'm sure.  close your eyes, sit back, smell that special mix of beer, cigarettes, and cleaning supplies, and you'll be right there with us...

alan rickman

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