Thursday, November 1, 2012

hayden and marley

this was a particularly fun song to record!  i wrote this for one of my contributors' awesome daughters; for the content, he directed me to his blog recording funny anecdotes about them.  and i was informed they really like Ke$sha so...that should explain some of what you'll hear below :)

hayden and marley

help me help me i'm feeling down
pick me up and spin me around
call my girls we're going out
hayden and marley know what it's all about
we gotta grab our snowboards and count our teeth
we better come back with some new stories
when we get to the top we know what we'll see
cuz we know pretty much everything

let's sing!
let's sing!
let's sing
let's sing!

when we get to the bottom there's a cup of hot chocolate
waiting for you and me and she and we
we'll kick the snow right off our feet
do a jelly roll and head to the beach
gimme that sunshine gimme the laugh
gimme that seaside sandy bath
gimme some freckles gimme a tan
let's start a rockin surfer band

let's dance!
let's dance!
let's dance!
let's dance!

hold up!  i wanna make cookies
get out the pan let's make a plan
peanut butter or suger
chocolate or just chocolate chip
you better lick that spoon
oh no honey i forgot to turn on the oven

it's ok we did a lot today
and mom and daddy say
we still have time to play

let's play!
let's play!
let's play!
let's play!


  1. This is so awesome! Thanks again!


    P.S. Marley's name is spelled like Bob or Jacob.

  2. Love this, Grace!

    We miss you.


    1. Thanks Beth, I miss you guys too! I work right around the corner from you now actually, walk by your place daily on my way home from school with some nice boys. Hope you guys are great!