Monday, March 15, 2010

the scholastic art & writing awards

my former employers asked me to write a song for their annual "chairman's circle" benefit.  to be in the "chairman's circle" you have donated at least $1500 to help run the scholastic art & writing awards.  the ceo of scholastic, dick robinson, was in attendance.  susan sarandon was lurking in the shadows.  my old co-workers were passing out raffle tickets and slurping down free booze.  it was weird.

let me tell you, it's not easy to write a song about a corporation or an awards program for young artists and writers. it's actual work!  i straight up spent three weeks pouring over this two minute ditty, but it ultimately went over well at the event.  dick dug it, although susan was nowhere to be found.

the scholastic art & writing awards

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